How To Use Your MLDP Coupons

To begin with, kindly read the information published by BMPA as part of the FAQs on Membership Loyalty Discount Program (MLDP).
  1. BMPA has printed coupon vouchers under the MLDP, with personalized information pertaining to Member’s name (hereinafter referred as MEMBER PURCHASER), Member’s id. nos., unique coupon nos., validity period of the coupon, with appropriate space to hand-write the VENDOR’s NAME, PRODUCT CODE (against which the MLDP discount is being availed), DISCOUNT PERCENTAGE on individual product as identified by their product code (shown on mldp website), DATE of ORDER, with space to SIGN and AFFIX the COMPANY RUBBER STAMP.
  2. BMPA has published the LIST of VENDORS (hereinafter referred to as VENDOR), their CONTACT DETAILS, the PRODUCT OFFERINGS, corresponding PRODUCT CODE, with matching PRODUCT DISCOUNT, specific TERMS & CONDITIONS if any and their DISTRIBUTORS LIST where applicable (all of above, hereinafter referred to as LIST OF OFFERINGS) on its website i.e. and the same can also be accessed by scanning the QR CODE, pre-printed on every Coupon itself. The LIST OF OFFERINGS, will also be communicated from time to time vide associated MLDP print collateral’s and through social media.

    As BMPA anticipates to add NEW VENDORS and NEW ITEMS periodically, the LIST OF OFFERINGS which are part of the MLDP, is not being communicated as a hard-coded printed sheet but the updated LIST OF OFFERINGS needs to be accessed as illustrated above, so as to get the real time latest information on offerings as is being made available.

  3. A maximum of Twenty-five (25) personalized-unique coupons are provided to you with your starter kit.
  4. Each coupon entitles the MEMBER PURCHASER to a one-time use (for maximum five product codes) with one purchase order and its invoice/s to avail the discounted purchases from the MLDP’s LIST OF OFFERINGS.
  5. A MEMBER PURCHASER is entitled to use as many coupons as he/she/they deem fit to purchase from the VENDOR, so long as the coupon is within the validity period. The VENDOR is bound to honour the discounts and special offering as detailed in the LIST OF OFFERINGS.
  6. The MEMBER PURCHASER, at the time of using the coupon, is required to fill the VENDOR’s NAME, PRODUCT CODE (against which the MLDP discount is being availed), DISCOUNT PERCENTAGE on individual product (identified by their product code), DATE of ORDER, SIGN and affix the COMPANY RUBBER STAMP on it, in the pre-designated areas, to make it eligible for usage. The VENDOR may at their discretion insist on such performance before honouring the same.
  7. Each MLDP coupon leaf has two pre-printed sides along with a counterfoil. The front side along with the corresponding counterfoil is to be filled by the MEMBER PURCHASER and the reverse/back side will be filled by the corresponding VENDOR. We advise the MEMBER PURCHASER to take a photo of every duly filled-out coupon they issue towards a matching PO for purpose of record.
  8. The MEMBER PURCHASERs will avail the coupon by filling all the requisite data in the coupon as outlined in points afore and will SCAN THE SAME AND SEND a clear digital copy by email to the VENDOR for availing the same. In case the scan is not clear then the VENDOR can insist on a clear scan to make it eligible for honouring. The ORIGINAL COUPON will also need to be submitted as a HARD COPY to the VENDOR. The MODE AND TIME of submitting the HARD COPY, can be as mutually agreed upon between the VENDOR and the MEMBER PURCHASER.
  9. The MEMBER PURCHASER can contact the DEDICATED HELPLINE NO:   +91–9082430200 from MONDAY to FRIDAY between 10 AM to 5 PM, for any ASSISTANCE ON MLDP.
  10. The MEMBER PURCHASER is invited to make SUGGESTIONS, SHARE EXPERIENCES over MLDP by writing in and/or send an email to