Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is MLDP

It stands for Members Loyalty Discount Program especially brought for the members of the BMPA whereby which members can avail discounts on their business purchases from collaborating participants/vendors (CPV) and their respective distributors enlisted in the program.

2. Exclusivity

The list of CPV is exclusive to BMPA Members whose membership is active with Fees for the given fiscal year duly paid-up.

3. Validity of coupons

All members at the time of renewing their membership will get a “Coupon Booklet”. Coupons will expire at end of the financial year i.e. 31st March of the issuing financial year.

4. Number of coupons

Under MLDP each valid member gets 25 unique coupons. The coupons will get reduced to 10 unique coupons in case there is delay in renewing membership. The cut-off date for payment is defined in the membership renewal invoice. Or email to inquire.

5. Number of instances a coupon can get used

Under the MLDP, only one coupon is to be used against a single purchase invoice for material purchased from a CPV. There is no restriction on the number of coupons which can be used for purchases made from the same CPV at different times. One Coupon for one order (max. five different products in an order from the same vendor) and it’s corresponding invoice/s.

6. Items available in MLDP

As the CPV’s and also their respective offerings will be continuously added under the program, we have provided a QR code in the MLDP Coupon Booklet. Once you scan the same, the latest list of CPV along with their range of offerings, product code, corresponding discount and validity period will be available. One can refer to and also print the list by visiting by downloading an excel file.

7. Discount offered

Please scan the QR code in the MLDP Coupon Booklet to review the latest list of CPV along with the entire range of their offerings, product code and corresponding graded discount structure indicating variation basis payment terms, if any and the corresponding validity period.

8. Usage

  1. At the time of making Purchase, a Member should inform the CPV that they will be using the MLDP coupon against that particular purchase/order.
  2. They should fill the front side of the coupon by mentioning the CPV Name, Product code, corresponding product discount, order date etc. and should send the coupon to the CPV.
  3. The CPV on receiving a valid and duly filled MLDP coupon will undertake the applicable discount against a given order/purchase which will reflect in the invoice generated for an order.

9. Liability & Claim

BMPA is extending the MLDP on a best efforts basis with no commercial gain whatsoever. Kindly follow the same due process you would have ordinarily done in the absence of a program like MLDP by BMPA.

10. *Grievances & Complaint

In the unlikely event of a MLDP vendor not honouring the discount program made available vide the scheme, please contact our helpline number and also email us at with documentary evidence to support your experience. Decision arrived upon by the MLDP Team, and BMPA will be final and binding on the respective Vendor/s and the Member.

11. Help

We invite you to write and make suggestions, share experiences, via email to You can also contact the dedicated helpline number setup under :+91- 9082430200 Monday to Friday between 10 AM to 5 PM.

*BMPA shall be allowed the privilege to maintain a safeguard under “E&OE” and will under no circumstance participate in any legal proceedings whatsoever. Applicability, if any at all, shall be restricted to Greater Mumbai jurisdiction only.